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Top 10 reasons

WG Mini-Brochures — Top 10 Reasons to use a WG Mini-Brochure

10 — Stand out in a crowd

Mini-brochure sampleWhen everyone else is handing out a business card, hand out your WG Mini-Brochure. It will set your business apart.

9 — Easy to leave everywhere

Mini-brochure sampleDrop off at your Chamber of Commerce, restaurants, library, coffee shops and other locations around town - potential clients will check them out and pocket them! .

8 — Include maps & coupons

Mini-brochure sampleMake it easy for your clients to do business with you and gauge the response at the same time. Maps, coupons and special offers are great items to include in the mini-brochure

7 — Carry in your pocket

Mini-brochure sampleYour brochure is always with you, ready to promote your business wherever you are. Handy to keep in your pocket, wallet or purse.

6 — Stand-out graphic design

Mini-brochure sampleHave our professional graphic designers create a stunning mini-brochure for you at a fixed affordable price. Check out the samples - our $195 design offer is hard to beat.

5 — "I didn't know you did that"

Mini-brochure sampleHow many times have clients expressed that they didn't know everything you did? Your clients will never say that again because you can let them know about everything you do.

4 — Tell the full story

Mini-brochure sampleWith 8 panels to use, you have plenty of space - feature your website and/or add coupons. You can even leave space to hand write a personalized message.

3 — Printed in full color

Mini-brochure sampleWe always use full color to give maximum impact using high quality 100# coated book paper with an aqueous coating.

2 — It's a Recession Buster

Mini-brochure sampleSave Money - why go to the expense of printing brochures and business cards when a WG Mini-Brochure gives you both.

1 — Your business in their pocket

Mini-brochure samplePromote your entire business, not just the contact information normally put on a business card.