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WG Mini-Brochures — Templates!

We have created templates for most major design software. When designing most brochures, it is important to note that not all panels are the same width. That is why we recommend you use our templates as they are set-up with the correct guides. Also, please check the Creating Your own Artwork page for technical details.


InDesign Mini-Brochure Template


PhotoShop Mini-Brochure Template


Illustrator Mini-Brochure Template


Quark Xpress Mini-Brochure Template


CorelDraw! Mini-Brochure Template


The above are the most common professional design software packages that can be used for mini-brochures. If you are using something different or, perhaps, an older version, please contact us.

WG Mini-Brochure Size Specs

Mini-brochures in holder

Trim size: 9.875" x 4"

Bleed size: 10.375" x 4.5" (i.e. a 0.25" bleed on all sides)

Live area: 9.625" x 3.75"

Columns are different widths - please use templates.

PDF Template

sample mini-brochuresDownload our PDF guidline for WG Mini-Brochures.

You can't create a mini-brochure in Acrobat (PDF), but the guide will give you the page specs as well as some design guidelines.