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WG Mini-Brochures — Sending artwork

Clients are welcome to send us their own artwork. Mini-brochures can be tricky to layout so we recommend you use our templates. We have created templates for most major design software applications (see Templates page). We strongly recommend you use these to create your mini-brochure.

Design Guidelines

  • Page Size: please avoid floating the mini-brochure in the middle of a blank full sized page. They should be set up on a page sized 9.875" x 4" with a 0.25" bleed. Our templates are already set up at the correct size.
  • Color Mode: All graphics and photos must be CMYK in the final PDF.
  • Photos: should be at least 300 ppi at actual size used.
  • Bleed: a 0.25" bleed must be allowed on all 4 sides (note: this is a tad larger than standard printers' bleed).
  • Column width: the columns of a mini-brochure (and many other folding brochures) are not the same width. If you do not use the templates the fold may not line up as you thought.
  • Appearance: avoid a design where there is a sharp visual difference between panels - if the fold is even .0001" inch off this can ruin the appearance.
  • Folds: keep text and other live matter .0625" away from the folds.
  • Office programs (Word/Powerpoint/Publisher). While it may not be impossible, it is certainly a challenge to use these programs with the precision required to create a mini-brochure. We recommend they be avoided.
  • Mac vs. PC: It is really irrelevant which you use, especially if you output to a high resolution PDF.
  • Source Files: we can accept native software files, but there is a minimum charge of $25 for opening and creating the print ready PDF from them.


Templates & Guidelines

Download the software templates & guidelines here.