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WG Mini-Brochures — Your business in their pocket!

WG Mini-Brochures are a new and exciting way to promote your business. Even with a web presence, you need a brochure for trade shows, networking, mailing etc. Mini-brochures give you the edge. You can include all the information of a brochure and still retain the flexibility and simplicity of a business card!

Convience of a business card - impact of a brochure!

What is a mini-brochure?

Mini-brochures in holderA WG Mini Brochure has 8 panels, it is approx. 2.5" x 10" open and folds to 2.5" x 4". Printed in full color on 100# coated book with acqeous coating, they are a great promotion for your buiness.

A business card can only say so much about your or your business but a mini-brochure gives you the opportunity to tell the full story in a pocket sized pamphlet.

Who uses Mini-Brochures?

sample mini-brochuresWG Mini-Brochures are great for just about any type of business. If you hand out printed material and want them to keep it, then a mini-brochure is for you!

Attending a trade show? Social Networking? Regularly meeting clients? Have walk by traffic? Try a Mini-brochure. Easy to pick, doesn't take up much space and it packs a punch with information about your business